Investment ideas

Character of enterprises
Long-term expectable real profit lower than market value
Honesty and integrity among top shareholder and management with no legal violations on record
Preferred that management holds more than 10% of total shares
Preferred net profit margin above 10% and ROE more than 20%
Preferred real debt ratio is not more than 25%
Money before service is preferred
Occupying funds from upstream and downstream is preferred
Currently leads or is about to lead in its industry at home and/or abroad
Its industry can develop at least 10 years with huge growth potential
Its product or service has brand awareness, high entry barriers and premium value
Its product and service is adhesive to clients in the long term and  difficult to be replaced
It can persevere over assumed worst-case scenarios and having endured such experiences is preferred
It has no blind diversification aspirations outside of its core industry
Real profit is continuous and high in the past and sustainable in the future
The largest shareholder puts at least 90% of all assets in the target company

Investment Operation
Choose stocks bottom-up
Focus on excellent enterprises
Illegal transactions prohibited!
Cross-market arbitrage
Only buy what we can understand
Remain vigilant on companies which pay too much to top management
Buy significant portions only after site-visits
Pore over financial statements and explore facts behind the numbers
Buy or sell boldly,taking advantage of errors in the market
Cherish teamwork, partners and target companies’ credibility
Keep clear-headed and withdraw early or timely in market instability or insanity
Identify target companies’ hidden assets, liabilities and risks
Keep cash on hand to pursue breaking opportunities or meet urgent needs
Pursue long-term compound growth rather than theoretical maximum profit
Preferred: product or service is related to everyone or every company
Buy at low or reasonable price, sell when overvalued, and hold during the interim, ignoring fluctuation
Study other's cases of failure as well as our own,maintain failure rates under 5%, and don't repeat mistakes

Investment scale

Mainly invest in companies that operate in mainland China while listed domestic and overseas, including Hong Kong, Singapore and North America
IPO allotment
Additional stock offer of listed companies
Convertible debt and preferred stock

Investment process

Investment advice

First choice: If your company's net profit or your personal salary can maintain a 20% CAGR or higher over next 10 years, we recommend you continue. Make controllable money, and avoid large unclear short-term profits 

Second choice: Buy shares in good companies at low or reasonable prices . These firms should have reliable management teams and can have 20% or higher compound annual growth rate in net profit over the next 10 years. Direct investment is preferred if you can be proficient in the business of the companies. Otherwise, you'd better choose honest and professional trustees like SHCB

Third choice: We recommend that you invest in real estate at low or reasonable price in the long-term,to enjoy rental inflation or appreciation

Fourth choice: We recommend you invest in tangible assets like gold, jewelry, paintings, antiques when undervalued or reasonable in the long-term

Fifth choice: We recommend you invest in treasury bonds at low or reasonable prices

Sixth choice: If all the above are not suitable, the only option you have is to hold reliable long-term bank deposits, but inflation will greatly offset the interest income


Sincere advice
Keep away from all kinds of speculative and gambling-type investments; steer clear from blind speculation on stocks, which will surely end up in losses over the long term; frequent trading is not as good as long-term holding


What kind of investor are you?

Pursue long-term stable returns
10-year CAGR less than 20%
Seek to benefit from long-term growth of China’s economy
Aim to be shareholders of standout Chinese private enterprises
Seeking wealth management trustees who are honest and legally bound
Want to join happy international club for high-end investors
Stay away from speculation, large unclear short-term profit and high leverage
Investment amount above $ 1 million
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