Corporate Information

The founder of SHCB Investment Management Co. Ltd began studying stock investment in 1991,started investing the following year, and began industrial investment--such as international trade and internet--in 1996. While industrial investment saw some achievements after various setbacks, the net result of stock investment also turned profitable. Relying on the profit and philosophy of industrial investment, the return of stock investment has gradually surpassed that of industrial investment. Along with the maturity of our investment theory and the growth of our investment team, we have recently begun to invest by way of privately-raised fund and account management business. We focus on long-term investment in outstanding domestic and overseas listed Chinese companies. We successfully avoided the slump brought by the financial crisis and then bought at the bottom with several good cases. We have successful industry background,an excellent financial team, and an innovative investment theory with Chinese characteristics. Based on these, we look for and invest in excellent and undervalued companies with long-term growth prospects through many channels. We provide long-term value-added service, which can earn compound interest safely and reliably, for investors with more than ten million yuan.

Our Team

Key words: Successful entrepreneurs,Financial expertise,Honesty,Integrity,Individuality, Professionalism,Confidentiality,Teamwork,Capable,Shared benefits,Persistence

Key words: Industry expertise,Legal wisdom,Accounting excellence,Fund investment, International trade, Market promotion, Human resource, Management, Finance, Purchase power, Sales speciality, Production, logistics, IT, Alumni, Association

Team personality
We concentrate on investment, making it the biggest objective and joy in our workday, life and study. All team members are partners, sharing benefits as well as risks

Company Culture

Vision: Leading China Concept Stock investment trustee for wealthy individuals and enterprises

Allow each partner enjoy the joys and rewards of investing

Accumulate wealth and share winning investment strategies with our partner

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